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    System Integration

     Buttle Information System is a professional SI(System Integration) development Company, composed of engineer employees. Our best solution meets the needs of customers based on the technology and experience accumulated for 20 years and excellent professional.


    application development

    - Reflecting customer requirments

    - Providing the best solution

    - Suggestion of establishiment dir ection

    - The best technicians in the field  of Korea

    Business program change

    developmen & maintenance

    - professinals with prior work kno wledge

    - Securing personnel suitable for t he customer's environment

    - Securing a smooth recruitment s ystem

    - Regular preventive inspection f or system

    H/W, S/W, N/W solution

    integration esatblishing & Inspection

    - Professional analysis and future development directions

    - Various N/W traffic verification and work

    - Presenting overall N/W direction

    System installation &

    User training 

    - Customer-oriented system install ation and testing

    - Education and inspection after in stallation & test

    - Stable maintenance through user training

    Contact Center Service

     As a contact center service business, it includes the commissioned operation of Contact(Call) Center, commissioned operation and service sales/product sales commissioning, and commissioned operation service. It also provides consignment operation and maintenance services for Call Infra. For customers seeking to enhance corporate image, create profits, and strengthen DB Marketing, we provide a Turnkey Outsourcing Program from planning to building, operating, and post management of the Call (Contact) Center.

    Contact Center / Service /

    Product sales commission, consignment operation

    - In-Outbound customer consult

    - Complaint consult and HELP DES K integration center

    - System operation and organizati on / manpower operation

    - Linkage and operation of variou s additional equipment


    call center operation

    Establish the best Profit Center

    - Operation / application / mainte nance of various products

    - Early stabilization and increase sales

    Call Infra consignment operation, maintenance service

    - Establishment of the infra of a professional company

    - System construction with stabil ity / scalability

    - Establish a continuous support system (Infra / Development / DB Team, etc.)

    Provide a turnkey outsourcing program

    - Product delivery through package

    - Various references

    - Stability and ease of maintenance

    Solution Supply

     In addition to the business of supplying its own solutions, We are promoting overseas business of mobile games and financial solutions through overseas Beijing offices.

    Professional Counseling

    Enhanced Consultation

    Consult Ch. Expansion

    Enterprise Application

    S/M sized Consult

    Dev. Environment


     As a consulting business, we provide a Turnkey Outsourcing Program from planning call (contact) center to construction, operation, and follow-up management.

    Plan, establishment and operation of call center

    - IN/Outbound, customer consulting(service) center

    - Establishing the optimal system & application

    - Organization/manpower operation, education Recruiting

    - Profit model planning

    - Call and service quality improvement technique

    System & Hardware Configuration

    - Business environment analysis

    - Optimal system construction

    - Monitoring technique

    DB Management

    - Customer DB establishment

    - Customer disposition analysis

    - Search for marketing linkage plan

    Application Establising 

    - Establishing the one step process environment

    - Efficiency evaluation

    - Agent evaluation / management

    - Performance evaluation / management

    DB Marketing Planning/Operating

    - Planning customer contact points such as sending DM/FAX/SMS

    - DB-linked product planning

    - Promotion operation technique

    02 - 6119 - 6400

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