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  • CEO Greeting

    Greetings to you all! 

    We sincerely welcome you to the website of Buttle Information Systems.

    In 1998, Buttle Information Systems was separated from KIA Information System, which is the IT Solution Company of Hyundai/Kia Motors Group.

    At that moment, KIA-IS developed CRM solutions for the first in Korea, maintaining world class skills.
    Buttle Information System has developed CRM solutions for over 25 years, which led to number one in Korean market share. 

    The development was based on the response to Korean culture preferring to direct call and to things done fast. This also led to one stop service solutions.


    Buttle Information Systems is expanding its business to South East Asia, starting with Beijing cooperation in 2005, with a vision to have South-East Asia and European Market shares.

    In specially, Buttle Information Systems selected as Cool Vendors in CRM Customer Service, 2014 by Gartner which is the world's leading information technology research and advisory company.

    We would like to solicit your continued support for our efforts to take a gigantic leap forward. 

    Thank you very much.

    Buttle Information System puts trust with customers first and does its best

    Specialized in CTMS Field

     Since its establishment in 1998, we have focused on the field of Computer Telephony Management System, and we are proud to be a craftsman company beyond a specialized company. Based on the accumulated technology, experience, and excellent professional manpower, we are implementing customer satisfaction by establishing an optimal system that meets customer requirements.

    Continuous Solution Developmemt

     Through continuous product development, core business solutions of contact centers such as customer management (CRM), civil complaint management (VOC), integrated marketing (TM), and debt management (Collections), and counselor management (WFMS), knowledge management (KMS), electronic display, We have a lineup of all products necessary to provide One Stop Service for establishing contact centers, from additional systems such as UMS to CISCO Call-Infra.

     Customers of Various Business Field

     In addition to financial companies such as banks, credit card companies, and insurance companies, we are establishing a system optimized for the work environment of various customers, including distribution companies such as home shopping, department stores, online bookstores, automobiles, travel agencies, and public institutions.

    Global Business Company

     Our company's priority is to enter the global market, and branches are currently established in Vietnam and Beijing based on multilingual solutions. It has been 10 years since we established our branch in China, and we are planning to enter Southeast Asia and North America in the future. We are ready to provide the best service to customers who want buttle solutions both in Korea and abroad.

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